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Custom Couture Clothing of Your Dreams

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The Dream Couture Process

The   Dream Couture  process involves three key elements: custom,
couture and clothing.

Custom gets to the heart of what   Dream Couture   is about. The custom part of the process involves getting the exact design and the exact fit that the client wants. The client consults directly with Robyn, looking together at fabric swatches, colors, photos and other inspirations with Robyn interpreting and sketching until the client sees the design that she wants. The details of construction are discussed as well.

The exact fit is achieved by first taking measurments. We can use a pre-existing garment that can be copied for fit. This is not necessary, though. Using a dress form and your mesaurements, Robyn will drape and create a "mock" garment or muslin to try on.

Perfect fit can only be achieved through fittings. If you cannot come to Robyn's Studio for your fittings, muslins will be sent to you and then you'll go to a professional tailor or dressmaker for them to fit you and mark the muslins to be then returned to the  Dream Couture  studio.

Couture refers to the level of quality that we provide. From the initial sketch
and specialized details, to the pattern, fit and expert construction, 
Dream Couture  gives the client the ultimate that can be achieved in a garment, a marriage of superb fit and design.

Clothing: We offer the creation of any type of clothing style, in any fabric or leather, for women and men. Bring your imagination. The possibilities are unlimited.

The steps of the  Dream Couture  experience, from idea to finished garment:

  1. Client has initial idea.
  2. Consultation with Robyn. Provide magazine or other pictures and inspirations. Robyn can also suggest ideas for the clients concept. Robyn will sketch until you see exactly what you want.
  3. Discuss fabrics, take measurements and Robyn will then provide a cost estimate.
  4. Fittings, first in muslin then in the final fabric as needed.
  5. Finally, your garment will be made exactly as you want by  Dream Couture  with a fit that can only be achieved through the custom process.

About Robyn Bradley

Robyn Bradley started   Dream Couture  in 1990, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, working as a freelance designer and pattern maker. During that time she traveled to India and the Orient working closely with manufacturers, designing and developing commerical clothing lines. Robyn also apprenticed in Paris with couture designer, Thierry Mugler.

Since   Dream Couture  began, Robyn has colaborated with many designers and clients, interpreting their visions and bringing their ideas to life: such as, working with "Dances With Wolves" designer Cathy A. Smith on a beaded, suede wedding dress. Robyn has also worked on many movie and film projects.

Robyn is a master patternmaker and draper, an outstanding seamstress and an incredible artist in her own right. In addition to Robyn's talents and services, she has assembled and developed a top-notch team of beaders, leatherworkers and seamstresses that assist her in creating the couture quality clothing that Dream Couture  provides.

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